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Commercial licenses are offered on an annual basis. Starting January 2023, a site license subscription system is implemented.


The pricing schedule is presented in the table below.

Initial purchase

First renewal

Subsequent renewals

License | Add-on

License | Add-on

License | Add-on

$2,500 | $150

$1,500 | $100

$1,000 | $50



You want to get a license for 5 engineers within your office.
The initial purchase will be: $2,500 + 4 x $150 = $3,100.
On your first renewal (one year later), that number will drop to: $1,500 + 4 x $100 = $1,900.
On your second renewal, that number will further reduce to: $1,000 + 4 x $100 = $1,400.



  1. Student and academic licenses are free.

  2. The prices above include technical support and software upgrades.

  3. To benefit from the annual subscription licensing system (and the reduction in cost at the first, second and subsequent renewals), no more than one month must pass after the license expires. 

  4. The pricing schedule is valid for a single office. If you are a larger firm and want to offer the software for engineers at separate offices, then a separate license must be purchased for each office.

  5. For existing customers (who purchased their license prior to 01 December 2022) wishing to renew their license, the prices on the third column ("Subsequent renewals") shall apply. 

  6. Licenses are computer specific (this is implemented via hardware locking). If during the course of the year, a computer is lost, damaged or replaced, the "Add-on" price shall apply to regain a license. 

  7. Purchase orders are accepted.

  8. Payments can be made either via wire transfer or via PayPal (if the latter option is preferred, a 5% transaction tax is applied).

  9. For any information, please send an email at

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