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1. mBrace3D, Refined Analyses for Curved Steel Bridges:

This presentation summarizes why advanced FEA is the preferred analysis method for curved steel bridges, and how mBrace3D can help bridge designors and erectors capture the "true" bridge behavior.

2. mBrace3D, Vehicle Load Optimization (VLO) for Plate Girder Bridges:

This presentation shows the pseudo-code for the calculation of the influence surfaces and vehicle load optimization algorithms within mBrace3D, and illustrates the results of the live load analysis for the reference continuous, curved plate girder bridge described in NSBA Design Example 3.

3. mBrace3D, Placement Analysis of a Curved, Variable Depth, Single Tub Girder Bridge:

This presentation explains the modelling and deck placement analysis of a curved, variable depth, single tub girder pedestrian bridge recently built in Houston, TX. It illustrates the parametric modelling capacities of the software and shows how mBrace3D is well suited for this type of complex analyses.

4. mBrace3D, Lifting Analysis of a Curved Plate Girder

This presentation addresses the modelling and lifting analysis of a mildly curved plate girder. It illustrates how mBrace3D can be used to give erectors further confidence in their lifting plans.

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